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Joe’s Art Concept School transformed during a full day as a photo studio

Shooting Sudio "Masques et vertiges de la comédie" - Voix du Nord, May 10, 2016

Shooting Sudio "Masques et vertiges de la comédie"
Shooting Sudio "Masques et vertiges de la comédie" - Voix du Nord, May 10, 2016

The hairdressing and aesthetics school Joe’s Art Concept hosted this Monday, May 9, Annie Larcher and Eric Dubois-Geoffroy, photographers, for a joint project: a photo session on the theme of the mask, with a zoom on the report men- women.

To cross in the corridors of the school young people with the faces half-man, half-woman or wearing strange makeup masks, that might seem strange out of context. But these meetings took all their senses with the precision of Annie Larcher and Eric Dubois-Geoffroy:

«We have been working for a month on this project imagined by Annie Larcher and myself as part of our personal research around the mask and especially the commedia dell’arte (…) We wanted the masks to be created directly on the faces models. We played on ambivalence, the relationship between men and women, for the very contemporary side. For the classic side, makeup is inspired by Venetian masks »

Students at Joe’s Art Concept School have been practicing their skills as hairdressers and beauticians all day long on about fifteen models from the region. As for the costumes, a part was lent for the afternoon by Nieppe’s fashion designer, Anaïs Bréhan.

This studio session was realized as part of the partnership between the Joe’s Art Concept School and the Leo Lagrange Photo Club, whose idea emerged after a first collaboration during the photo shoots held in September 2015 at the Musée de la Rural Life of Steenwerck.

Making-of - “Masculin/féminin” et “Masques de la comédie”, shootings photo