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Armentières: Éric Dubois-Geoffroy launches its digital photo and publishing business

We knew him passionate about photography, president of the photo club Léo-Lagrange. A layoff plan forces him to find a job. At 53, he combines his two caps, photo and digital edition, in a company.

We knew him as a photo enthusiast and a digital expert. Until then, he shared the first cap with those of the Leo-Lagrange club, which he has chaired for two years. His second cap, he took to work at Jouve as an expert in digital publishing since 2006. It is also this entrepreneur from Mayenne who brought to the North in 2007 this native of Sarthe who spent 25 years in Brittany: “I wanted to refocus on Northern Europe, I love Germany. Here we are at one hour from Paris, two from London and three from Cologne. “

But a redundancy plan forces him to look elsewhere, a year ago. Not easy at 52 years old. But the man is tenacious. And has several strings to his bow. The image has fascinated him for a long time. In 1996 he worked for a start-up around multimedia cd-rom. He is a webmaster trainer for the Catholic University of the West in 1999 and 2000. Between 2001 and 2006, he worked for a computer company.


Community Services

The photo, an old passion that his father teacher initiated, led him to prepare the IDHEC (Femis) but a family veto forces him to change lanes. “I took the best of it all,” echoes Eric who decides to create his own business.

His business will have two parts. “Shooting, portraits, on one side, for individuals but also for artisans that I accompany to make an interactive digital photo book. ”
Comedians, models and business leaders are his clients, including the Joe’s Art Concept School of Lens (aesthetics and hairstyling), l’Heure Enchan’Thé (Carnets d’Afrique, recently) in Armentières, or Morgane Carlier, illustrator at Lille.

He also offers his services to communities, in the management of their images and of their DAM (Digital Asset Management), and to libraries.

A local “hive of Two-Lys”

Second part, training. Teacher until 1995 in history-geo college and technical high school, then history at the University of Maine at Le Mans and Paris IV, he has the pedagogical fiber. It offers individuals and businesses training in the image, from acquisition to integration.

It will have a local in the fall at the hive of the Deux-Lys. In micro-enterprise until the fall, he will create two limited companies, one for training and one for photography and consulting.

By Catherine Quételard | Voix du Nord – 07/01/2016