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“The Ondines Ennead”

“I am part of the ennéade des ondines, I am the undine, I am the undines, the guardians of the treasures of the river …”, it is with these words that opens this short photographic film, pronounced by an “original Ondine”, first character, ambivalent figure of the woman and the Ondine, represented naked like the classic figure of the Nymph of the waters in the arts. It reinvents itself in nine variations around the “Undine”, through cinema, songs, stories, poems, myths and legends, nine Ondines as the ennead, poetic term chosen for its reference to the group of nine primordial gods of ancient Egypt.
Nine characters imagined from representations associating past and present: contemporary characters, in contrast to legendary stories from the past or in accordance with current texts such as that of the group Pop Lower Dens or drawing on medieval imagery or a Romantic nineteenth century for four of them.
Only one woman to play them, Ondines, Melusine and other water nymphs, as if all these characters constituted a single and poetic representation of a fantasized woman.

Short photographic film directed by Eric Dubois-Geoffroy. Scenario, Daphne Chavalle, Eric Dubois-Geoffroy,
Photography, editing, Eric Dubois-Geoffroy.
Daphne Chavalle, Ondines.

All texts interpreted by
Françoise DEMORY, actress
Association “Imaginary Company”

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