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“A woman, a perfume” ©

The challenge of this series “a woman, a perfume” is to try to express, apart from the agreed and direct representations of perfume, by each woman, images, objects, attitudes, postures, looks that the perfume Prints in her mind, in her heart, in her dreams.
An approach to the intimate universe of each woman, olfactory and secret universe, whose every photographic series of portrait, tries to approach its mystery.
Three notes of perfume, for three notes of a portrait …
Without the combination of the three levels of notes, a perfume would simply not be aromatic, but together, they create magnificent fragrances … it is the same for each photographic series, each of the portraits complete the others and together express the unspeakable lightness of being.
“A look can be as violent as a perfume, it brings you so many years back, when everything is possible, when one is still actor of this world, when the dream is within reach.”
Nos gloires secrètes de Tonino Benacquista
Tonino Benacquista, French writer and screenwriter, 1961-

“A woman without perfume is a woman without a future.”

Coco Chanel

Artist, Seamstress (1883 – 1971)

How is a session held?

This photographic session, it is yours, ladies! You imagine it. After a first contact, you choose the perfume of your choice. You choose the outfits and accessories you will wear during the three parts of the photo shoot using the three notes of your fragrance as inspiration, their colors, flowers, fruits, plants and other materials that it make up.

The day of your photoshoot has arrived. You bring your different outfits and accessories. Depending on your choice, you have combed your hair before the session or a hairdresser / beautician is present at the photo studio to emphases your beauty with a makeup personalized relooking made to accompany you on this special day, a beauty in accordance with your representation of the perfume.

It remains only to answer a short questionnaire “a woman, a perfume,” modeled on the Proust questionnaire that I specially written for this project. Theses minutes of additional exchanges that will better know you and to give the final notes to the staging of the different moments of the session, lasting about two hours.

The lighting plans are now ready. We organized together on the order of the outfits and the choice of accessories. The Highlighting of your emotional portraits “a woman, a perfume” can begin! Place to two unforgettable hours during which we will create a intimate portrait series, with humor and emotions, always very strong, far removed from the stereotypes of perfume photography, portraits that will reflect the way you wear your perfume, unique.