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Photographer author, trainer.

The art of PORTRAIT is my passion. Directed or in the workplace or daily life, the portrait photo that I like, is first with all models, an encounter, a dialogue. Then focus on looks, their surroundings, look to capture their feelings, what they carry with them as experiences, emotions, singularity, and bring out, by small touches, the richness and complexity on a large vertical or square format, preferably in black and White.

The human-centered HUMAN-CENTERED PHOTOGRAPHIC REPORTAGE is an essential element of my photographic approach, turned towards the narrative, beyond the posed image, a photographic language rooted in observation, dialogue, expectation and speed.

The TRAINING, since 32 years, it is a will to accompany people (individuals – photographers) and companies in the discovery and the implementation of projects around the image, the pleasure to learn and to appropriate of new skills, to be a smuggler of experiences and an opener of new spaces.

My areas of expertise: Training in cataloging and retouching software, Digital Asset Management projects, the digital image in a cross-platform digital publishing process.

I also sell original works in numbered and signed art prints.

Born in 1963 in Saint-Calais, Sarthe, I grew up in the heart of Perche then Maine to Bac where photography has definitely taken the place that is his now. My cameras have accompanied me for 22 years in Brittany, Rennes, but my curiosity, my desire to undertake and my self-taught state of mind, led me to Normandy, Aix-en-Provence, again to Le Mans , in Paris, finally in Lille where I combined my three passions, teaching, photography and digital arts. I live next to Lille since 2007.




2006 – First prize winner of the Rennes digital photography marathon organized by the FNAC, Ouest-France, the city of Rennes and the Colombia center – President of the jury Klavdij Sluban

2014 – 2nd at the 2014 Regional Author Competition organized by the UR01 and the FPF for the series “Gadzarts, the Chop’ss”, School of Arts and Crafts, 2013

2016 – Exhibition of my series “Masks and vertigo of comedy” with two other authors photographers, Annie Larcher and Denis Putkownik, PhotoClub Léo Lagrange

2018 – 1st at the Regional Audiovisual Photographic Short Film Contest organized by the UR01 (Nord-Pas-de-Calais) and the FPF for “Photos-poem”, after Guillaume Apollinaire “Poèmes à Lou”


2018 – December 1 and 2 – Guest of honor from Photo Ciné Club Haubourdin, presentation of the photographic series “Dark Land” and “Power Flower” – Interactive and augmented exhibition – Extensions on the web through short photographic films

2019 – from April 6 to 30 – increased Photographic exhibition within “a month … an artist”, organized by the Museum of Rural Life of Steenwerck. Presentation 36 photographs from 10 projects, “Mademoiselle”, “the Roaring Twenties”, “Pilot super factory”, “Donkey Skin”, “Dark Land”, “True Friend”, “wagon bed”, “Night Train “,” Offbeat hat “,” Tess “. Extended photographs on the web, from QR Code displayed in the exhibition, allowing the discovery of short photographic films.


2006 – First digital photography marathon of Rennes, FNAC Rennes, Rennes City

2007 – Exhibition “Four”, organized by Clubphoto Cesson-Sévigné “GRAINS & PIXELS” – exhibition of 4 photos and realization of the poster of the exhibition

2008 – Exhibition “Lille, nature city” by the City of Lille and the House of Photography – Grids of JB Lebas Park.

Image awards, 2006-2018