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"L'Eglise et les quais de l'Anille", 1980, Saint-Calais
"L'Eglise et les quais de l'Anille", 1980, Saint-Calais - Epreuve argentique, 1980 - Eric Dubois-Geoffroy

I was born in the Pays du Perche Sarthois between Vendômois, the river “le Loir” and Maine, in 1963.

I discovered photography at the age of 11 when my father, passionate about photography, has offered to me a Lubitel format 6 X 6, an incredibly rugged.

My father introduced me to the development and argentic printing in the laboratory installed in the basement of our house. Then in high school, I realized my first photographic series by discovering the vastness of possible picture creations. Black and white definitely becomes the visual space of my photographic expression.

I know at my father’s side, “the obsession of Museums”. I discover Piero della Francesca, Raphael, impressionism, surrealism.

My curiosity for everything that is human, the wish to “see” and get closer to people, to tell stories of life, led me to photography.

While studying contemporary history and developing my skills in the field of digital expression, I realized two small exhibitions in the early 80s in Le Mans, as part of the book festival “The 24 Hours of the Book”.

As a teacher, my photographic practice is limited to a form of educational documentary and to the animation of photo clubs in high schools or high schools.

"Château de courtanvaux", Sarthe, 1982 - Eric Dubois-Geoffroy
"Château de courtanvaux", Sarthe, 1982 - Eric Dubois-Geoffroy
Le Mans and sarthe landscape, 1980-1983

Until I participated to the creation of a startup in the field of digital multimedia in the mid-90s in Brittany. I discover the studio photo, advertising photography. I can experiment digital artistic expression projects, featuring photography in collages and digital animations, articulated with texts interpreted by actors and original music.

I meet Eric Trochu alias Ert, musician, brilliant composer, singer, dancer … and photographer and Pascal Lamour, a key player in the Celtic movement and Breton music, electro-shaman.

Also I started to directing actors and models, with the advice of the extraordinary Monique Stalens, comedian and troupe director, whom I had known in the 70s as a teacher in the small college of the Perche country which my father was director.

After a break of 5 years, I find the way of the photographic expression in 2006, not to leave it any more. I join the Cesson Sévigné Photo Club in Brittany, then recently arrived in the North, I participate, with my own partner, passionate about photography, in several photographic competitions, before returning to the way of the photo clubs, that of Lambersart, and finally that of the Photo Club Léo Lagrange Armentières who seduced me immediately by the creativity that expresses it and the warm friendliness that prevails, to the point that I become the manager in 2014.

Since 2016, I continue my photographic adventure as a trainer and photographer author on Lille.

I joined the Web Magazine OPENEYE.FR team dedicated to emerging contemporary photography in March 2018, as head of galleries. I am responsible for the magazine’s YouTube channel and his Instagram account.


About photography

“Photography, before being an image (…) is a form of empathic participation to the world. The photographer accompanies the world far more than it freezes it”. The mystery of the light room: Photography and unconscious, Serge Tisseron.

"Meeting", rue des Minimes, Le Mans, 1980 - Eric Dubois-Geoffro

“Meeting”, rue des Minimes, Le Mans, 1980 – Eric Dubois-Geoffroy


“What is my favorite picture? One I would take tomorrow “- Imogen Cunningham

Street photography, Le Mans "Bus stop"

Street photography, Le Mans “Bus stop” – One of my first photographic prints in 1980, Le Mans


“A portrait is not a fact but an opinion, an opportunity rather than a truth” Richard Avedon

"Enfant à la pelle, cité Jean Bart, Le Mans, 1980 - Eric Duboi
"Enfant à la pelle, cité Jean Bart, Le Mans, 1980 - Eric Dubois-Geoffroy
"Young men", Les Glonnières, Le Mans, 1980 - Eric Dubois-Geoff
"Young men", Les Glonnières, Le Mans, 1980 - Eric Dubois-Geoffroy

“If one day goes by without done something related to photography, it’s as if I had forgotten something essential to my existence, as though I had forgotten to wake up. Richard Avedon

"Photo Truck / Camion photographique", Cité Jean Bart, Le Mans,

“Photo Truck / Camion photographique”, Cité Jean Bart, Le Mans, 1980 – Eric Dubois-Geoffroy