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Commedia dell’arte

This series is built from the look worn by persons photographed on the Comedia dell’arte masks. What does this mask suggest to them? What are the emotions, the images suggested by these masks?

Each session starts with the choice of one or more masks. Total freedom of choice. Based on the masks retained by the person, we build together the photography session. The goal is to maximum allow the person to let her imagination wander through the mask.

Participate in the project “Commedia dell’arte” photographic series!

Will Zanni, Harlequin, Polichinelle, the captain, Pantalone, Colombine, Isabelle, Sylvia or Florinda recall to your memory some memories of plays, film scenes like “Molière” by Mnouchkine? No ?! It does not matter, you will be free to take back these masks of the comedy and to give a very personal interpretation.

How is a session held?

You choose one or more masks of the commedia dell’arte, to which is added a mask common to all series. Then, depending on the outfits you have prepared (without knowing the masks available), you leave freedom to your imagination to bring out postures, gestures, looks and emotions.

You play with the different masks by wearing them in front of your face or by using them as an accessory, it is you who choose.

For my part, I create the light that suits each of your interpretations!

A new series “Commedia dell’arte” is created, captivating, funny, emotional, sensual or sad.

This project continues in 2018, contact us!